14–23 June 2019

Bahnhof is pleased to announce Landmarks, a group exhibition with works by Greg Allen-Müller, Alexander Muret, and Bat-Ami Rivlin, curated by Ekaterina Soriano. Landmarks commemorate the gallery’s inaugural exhibition.

Landmarks features works suggestive of public urban structures, once intended to inform or persuade, now in an indeterminate state of transition, malfunction, or generation. Abjection is an instance of the intolerable; the abject often takes the form of physical decay and exists in abrasive relation to the corporeal. In Landmarks, there is, faithfully, the proximity of what is refused with the renewed. Surfaces that suggest triumph or permanence are viewed among indexes of social existence, serving as reminders of mortality in accelerated and increasingly illegible conditions.

55-59 Kent ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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